Chucho Environmental Consulting Services

Environmental Consulting Services

Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring

Chu Cho Environmental can provide expertise in air quality monitoring for projects of all shapes and sizes. We perform both regulatory and fence line type studies for point and area source pollutants. We also provide data analysis and modelling services for air quality projects. We are experts in air quality.

Water Quality Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring

Chu Cho Environmental is experienced in developing and implementing water quality monitoring plans for industrial resource development projects and other scientific studies. Our team of qualified experts understands the sensitivity and tight timelines involved in water sampling and strives to uphold the highest degree of scientific scrutiny in our water projects.

Big Data Management

Big Data Management, Processing and Analysis

Our team members are highly skilled in the handling, processing and analysis of very large datasets. We are able to reduce copious amount of data into usable coherent info both quickly and efficiently. We are especially skilled in spatial timeseries analyses of all types for massive datasets across all forms of environmental data. We believe in the importance of providing clear and concise analyses that can be interpreted by persons of all skill levels.

First Nations Traditional Use

First Nations Traditional Use Studies

Identifying geographic areas and regions of cultural significance that demonstrate first nations heritage through traditional use activities. Traditional use studies are both an essential component of the EAO process in potential resource development activities and for the substantiation of land claims when identifying boundaries on traditional territories.

Erosion Sediment Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Our team of professionals are experts in providing environmental monitoring services for construction projects. From developing environmental protection plans to implementing erosion sediment control measures we have the expertise.

Habitat Restoration

Habitat Reclamation and Restoration Monitoring

Our parent company Chu Cho Industries LP has been the prime contractor for a number of large habitat reclamation and restoration projects. Chu Cho Environmental generally teams with Chu Cho Industries to provide ongoing monitoring services to measure and assess the success of the various restoration activities.

Terrestrial Monitoring

General Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystem Monitoring

Chu Cho Environmental is also experienced with a broad range of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem monitoring skills. Our team members have expertise in developing habitat monitoring plans for baseline and impact studies in a number of different ecosystem types. We typically work with clients in the oil and gas, mining and power generation industries, to help minimize, mitigate or assess environmental impacts.