Chucho Environmental Consulting Services

Health and Safety

The health and safety of our employees, sub-contractors and clients is the cornerstone of our operations. Safety is about preventing injuries and providing a safe and healthy workplace for all individuals that are affected by our business and its operations. Safety is an ever growing body of knowledge and we must therefore focus on continuously improving our protocols, processes and reporting of issues related to safety.

Health and Safety issues are dynamic and will change project to project and even day to day. Our team of professionals practice reporting and communicating issues related to health and safety so that we can work on continuously improving our safety systems. Each employee is expected to uphold their responsibilities and to follow safe work procedures. Safety is no accident, by creating a proactive health and safety program, Chu Cho Environmental will ensure that we are compliant and safe.

All team members have minimum OFA Level 1 and have completed the Swiftwater Rescue Training. We are working towards becoming SAFE Certified.