Chucho Environmental Consulting Services

First Nations Traditional Studies

Find and document historical use areas

Terrestrial Monitoring

Environmental impact assessments and monitoring on site

Habitat Restoration & Reclamation

Planning restoration projects for fish/wildlife habitat

Environmental Monitoring

Assess and determine the environmental impact of a project

Data Analysis and Processing

Professional reports, audits, monitoring and program strategies

Air Quality Monitoring

Auditing, sampling and surveys to determine air quality

Chu Cho Environmental Consulting Services

Chu Cho Environmental is a First Nations culturally based environmental consulting company that is owned by the Tsay Keh Dene Nation and operates within the framework of TKD’s Economic Development Corporation. Our goal is to build a successful company that provides long-term employment and capacity building opportunities for TKD band members. We are based in the Peace Region and the Williston Reservoir Basin and so are well positioned to capture a large scope of work related to environmental monitoring within Tsay Keh Dene’s territory.

Air Quality Sampling

Latest Projects